🏬Structure of payment processing

Steps of payment processing

  1. Partner’s client makes a request to create a payment in the Merchant’s project

  2. The project sends a request to create a transaction

  3. The project receives the URL of the payment page

  4. The project redirects the client to the payment page

  5. The client enters the card details and clicks "Pay"

  6. Payment system receives a request, if confirm_url value parameter was indicated during creation of the transaction, then payment system makes a request to Merchant’s project.

  7. The project responds to the address indicated in the confirm_url value parameter. If the project responds with an http code other than "200", the transaction is suspended.

  8. The payment system sends a request to the bank

  9. The payment system receives a response from the bank with the transaction status

  10. The payment system displays the receipt on the payment page

  11. The payment system sends the transaction status to the address of the project specified in the callback_url value parameter.

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