Payment ready to be made

The method is designed to confirm payment of an order on the project side.

The system sends a request to "confirm_url" of the project and awaits for a response with requisite parameters: id, status, message, is_payble.

The method will be processed if the value parameter "confirm_url" is uploaded when initiating a payment.

Backoff Policy

To increase the guarantees of receiving a response, BackOff policy is used when fulfiling requests:

  • InitialInterval = 500 * time.Millisecond, intervals between repeated requests

  • RandomizationFactor = 0.5, Spread of the request on time between retries

  • MaxInterval = 60 * time.Second, Maximum time between retries

  • MaxElapsedTime = 10 * time.Minute, the time during which the attempts will be made.

GET https://merchant-website/confirm

Query Parameters




Type of transaction



Order number on the project side





Bearer Auto-rotation hash (see Signature Creating)

    "id": "121abc", // Идентификатор транзакции на стороне проекта 
    "status": "success", // Статус заказа на стороне проекта
    "message": "order desciption", // Текстовое сопровождение ответа
    "is_payble" : true // Разрешение на проведение платежа

The system decides whether to effect a payment depending on the value parameter "is_payble":

  • true - The project authorizes the payment

  • false – The project declines the payment

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