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1.1.2 of 21.11.23

Error codes added.

1.1.1 of 01.11.23

  1. The receipt of email, phone is directed to the payment page, the obligation is regulated in the Merchant's profile.

  2. An signature error fixed by using the field additional_data.

1.1.0 от 19.10.23

  1. Возврат Платежа

Section: API Payment refund

  1. Card linking: Users can link their cards for quick and secure transactions in two ways: - using a back-to-back solution - in the payment widget

Section: API Card linking

  1. Pay in and Pay out with Saved User's Card: We provide a convenient way to pay in and pay out using Saved Cards.


API Payment with saved card API Payouts with saved card

  1. A method for selecting saved cards:

Possibility of obtaining a card token: - in the transaction status - -via Webhook

Section: API Calling saved cards

  1. Google Pay: now supported for easy and fast online payments.

Section: API Google Pay

  1. Integration via iframe: We provide the opportunity to integrate with our app via iframe for improved user experience.

Section: Opportunity to integrate via iframe

  1. Integration via Tilda Publishing: You can now integrate our app with Tilda Publishing to create great landing and interactive pages.


Opportunity to integrate via Tilda Publishing

  1. Changes in signature creation: We have improved the signature creating process by ensuring higher level of security.

Section: Signature generation

1.0.0 от 01.08.23

  1. Pay in and pay out:

You can now pay in and pay out by using our app without regard for your role or goal. We provide full integration to manage finance

Section: API Creating a payment to pay in API Creating a payment for payouts

  1. Digital Signature Creating:

An opportunity to create a digital signature for all financial transactions ensuring advanced transactions safety has been provided additionally. Section: API Create a signature

  1. Sending Call-Backs:

Now, the system automatically sends notices to the payment institution upon successful transactions, therewith the payment processing being improved. Section: API Sending Call-Backs

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